Pishro Rafsanjan wire & cable company

Pishro Rafsanjan Wire and Cable Company, standard its production activity in 1991 in the area of 60000 sqm in anar city. now this company by using experted personel and modern production equipments and laboratory facilities produces all types of low voltage power cables including: building cables, all types of copper and aluminium cables, self supporting aerial cables, low smoke halogen free cables, armored cables, control and special cables as per customer requests.

this production complex in order to development plan in 2004 installed new machinery and lab equipment and now it is possible manufacturing of power cable upto 500 sqm and telecommunication cables upto and including 2400 pairs.


Pishro wire and cable company for actulizing quality objectives earned following certifications:

ü  certificate of products quality from institute of standard and industrial research of iran (ISIRI)

ü  ISO 17025

ü  ISO 18001 date 2007

ü  ISO 14001 date 2004

ü  ISO 9001 date 2008

ü  and accredited laboratory certification of ISIRI.

This company in years of growing activities, has earned quality and management certificates from energy and power distribution local companies and resulted in more market share of cable supplying in market.

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